Prospective [adjective]

Definition of Prospective:

anticipated, potential

Synonyms of Prospective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prospective:

Sentence/Example of Prospective:

Prospective happiness is perhaps the only real happiness in the world.

Prospective Employer: I suppose you have some experience of live stock?

I have not yet come across his Drunkard's Prospective , but it should be agreeable.

Prospective admirers should not study too closely his political career.

Dr. Martineau was, at that time, one of the editors of the Prospective Review.

Prospective readers, running their eyes over a printed page, object to the solid block formation of the descriptive passage.

Prospective son-in-law James, man of great words but little heart, rushes into the night to kill the ravisher.

Prospective parents should not at any time engage in anything that would be undesirable if reproduced in their children.

Prospective sin is often clothed in very alluring garments; past sin appears in all its naked deformity.

Prospective pecan planters should bear the following remarks in mind.