Prospectors [noun]

Definition of Prospectors:


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Sentence/Example of Prospectors:

Tresco stood down, and the Prospector was placed in the box.

Benjamin peered over the tops of his glasses at the Prospector.

Prospector Tomlinson felt I'd said something insulting to him.

Prospector dropped into camp with fist full of good looking quartz.

The Prospector put the bag of gold on the table, and taking the photographs and map left the room.

The Prospector, who was the third player, looked up from his “hand” and drummed the table with the ends of his dirty fingers.

The landlord, who was with them, came forward, and bent over the inanimate form of the Prospector.

Tresco and the Prospector were eating their “tucker” beneath the boughs of a spreading black-birch.

Moonlight had armed himself with a pick, the Prospector had grasped a shovel, Tresco drew a revolver from inside his “jumper.”

Led by the Prospector, the great crowd of diggers roared three deafening cheers; and then the two mates shook hands.