Prospects [noun]

Definition of Prospects:

outlook for future

Synonyms of Prospects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prospects:

Sentence/Example of Prospects:

Prospects, that I had meditated with ineffable delight, were for ever veiled in darkness.

“California: its Characteristics and Prospects,” cited, 200.

Prospects were bright, and hearts were light, just to drop into poetry.

"Prospects" do not just "happen" in the selling process of achieving success.

He had, he says, received fifteen letters on the Prospects of Culture.

Prospects were bright, and we sailed steadily northward, wondering what the morrow would bring—disappointment or hope?

Prospects were not cheering, and the salaries offered would about have kept me in cigarettes at Oxford.

Prospects that appear to have no gold at all in them sometimes turn out very brightly, sir.

Prospects looked good for the following season, as the fishermen expected the scallops to live until the next year.

The beginning of vine-planting is like the beginning of mining for the precious metals: the wine-grower also “Prospects.”