Prosper [verb]

Definition of Prosper:

be fortunate; succeed

Opposite/Antonyms of Prosper:

Sentence/Example of Prosper:

Prosper had stopped to let the donkey drink from the stream.

Prosper looked about him, taxing his recollection fruitlessly.

Prosper's answer was ready to slip from his tongue; he hesitated.

Prosper, as far as he was concerned, was suffering from want of sleep.

And, as well as the shawl, I shall have something to send to Prosper's old friend.

"She washes lace for ladies, Prosper says," said Ralph, eagerly.

"Nothin', 'cept your bein' my old mother," said Prosper hopelessly.

Small wonder if Prosper's boyish heart had stirred a little too.

What could Prosper hope to catch in such a snare—for whom could he have set it?

But he noticed that Prosper was studying the subject after his own fashion.