Prostrates [adjective]

Definition of Prostrates:

flat, horizontal

Synonyms of Prostrates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prostrates:

Sentence/Example of Prostrates:

Prostrate before Emmanuel's throne, they repeated their confession.

They have said: "Prostrate yourselves, these gods are just."

Prostrate trunks, yards in diameter and half-decayed, lie along the ground.

Prostrate forms, both of man and horse, were lying upon the plain.

Procumbent or Prostrate, lying flat on the ground from the first.

Prostrate before the King, he seemingly lived but for his smile.

Prostrate between two rocks lying across the path, her wild flight came to an end.

Prostrate yourselves, then, before the Most High, and secure his favor by the practice of every virtue.

Prostrate she fell on the floor; but hearing a waiter say, 'Up stairs, madam, you may have a room to yourself.'

Prostrate herbs, with whorled leaves and small whitish axillary flowers without petals, in summer.