Protagonist [noun]

Definition of Protagonist:

person who takes the lead; central figure of narrative

Synonyms of Protagonist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protagonist:

Sentence/Example of Protagonist:

He is still the Great Erastian, the protagonist of laity against clergy.

In the absence of Fox, Grey was the protagonist of Opposition.

And contradiction demands a "for" and an "against," a protagonist and an antagonist.

There is no longer a protagonist in the great drama, for there is no longer an antagonist.

And he had been the protagonist of everything sensible, orthodox, and prudent!

Indeed, in the Faerie Queene, Arthur himself appears as the protagonist.

America became the opponent and Britain the protagonist of the League of Nations.

He was prone to see himself as he posed, in the character of a protagonist of truth.

Always she was the heroine, and her protagonist, the adventuress, was dark and wicked.

I became Man in her imagination, the protagonist of the world.