Protagonists [noun]

Definition of Protagonists:

person who takes the lead; central figure of narrative

Synonyms of Protagonists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protagonists:

Sentence/Example of Protagonists:

The dissimilarity of the plays only accentuates the likeness of the two protagonists.

All the protagonists of former conflicts were formed in one line of battle.

The families of the two protagonists have probably been friendly for two generations.

Hume and Leibniz are thus the two protagonists that dwarf all others.

Some of its protagonists have been actuated by conscious moral purpose.

They have almost invariably been protagonists of selfishness and of individualism.

The scenery and the acting of the protagonists are not easily to be forgotten.

It was a difference in the personal qualities of the two protagonists.

Mr. Sully has them, as Hibbert and Brewster have them, engaged as protagonists.

Nor can any one make heroes from the personalities of its protagonists.