Protective [adjective]

Definition of Protective:

guarding, securing

Synonyms of Protective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protective:

Sentence/Example of Protective:

Why, the order of nature is reversed, and these children take on the protective.

There was protective tenderness in the gesture and the touch.

But to the cub the spectacle of her protective rage was pleasing.

He had been moved, he supposed now, by a protective sentiment.

Among birds, the ptarmigan is a fine example of protective colouring.

Already we are becoming a militarist and a protective State, but we do not yet know it.

He picked up the black box that generated his protective screen.

The tariff bill presented in 1824 was avowedly a protective measure.

There was a protective manliness in the manner of these men that reassured me.

He was energetic, if he was fat, and he had put a protective arm about Zara.