Protegee [noun]

Definition of Protegee:

custody; person in one's custody

Synonyms of Protegee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protegee:


Sentence/Example of Protegee:

When are you going to put my protegee into the operating-room?

As she was leaving the Rostovs she called her protegee aside.

Frau Schurstab shook her head over her protegee's varying moods.

Miss Toland chuckled; she was well pleased with her protegee.

Louise beamed with pride over the impression her protegee was making.

I can give you a good deal of information concerning your protegee, and also our group.

"I do not see what else can be done, my dear," she said to her protegee.

Of course Katherine lost no time in visiting her protegee Rachel.

So Katherine walked back to write both to Bertie and their protegee.

I shall employ it now, for my protegee, Miss Trant, will be my only manager.