Protested [verb]

Definition of Protested:

complain, disapprove; argue against

Opposite/Antonyms of Protested:

Sentence/Example of Protested:

The arrest of two leading opposition candidates has sparked sporadic mass protests that have entered the second day in different parts of the country leaving at least 16 people dead and scores more with severe injuries, the police said.

They’ve used photos from protests, sleuthing on social media, crowdsourcing through the internet even resorted to stealing personal information.

In April 2020, they held a protest in Los Angeles demanding Spears be released.

She’d never spoken out publicly on a social issue before, but when protests over racial injustice erupted across the country, she knew that staying silent would only contribute to the systemic problems.

Then the pandemic hit, and economic uncertainty, and protests erupted over racial justice and tensions flared over the presidential election and transition.

Wallace’s death prompted protests that at times turned violent.

In preparation for this election, stores across the country boarded up in anticipation of marches and protests that could turn ugly, and companies like United Airlines moved their flight crews out of hotels in urban areas.

Goodwin called the protest inappropriate, while Lazere defended the right to demonstrate against elected officials.

She said she wanted to memorialize the moment, and the protests, “just in case they’re not here for much longer.”

With thousands of young Nigerians participating in demonstrations which originally began as an online campaign, it marked the largest national protests in a generation in Africa’s most populous country.