Protesters [noun]

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If you’re skeptical that street protest can make a difference, consider Harvard political scientist Erica Chenoweth’s research.

He helped rouse voters against Putin that year in unprecedentedly large protests against election fraud.

The monitoring of protests using facial recognition happened this year alone in Hong Kong, in Delhi, in Detroit, and in Baltimore.

That effect isn’t huge, however, and the public hasn’t used that violence to impugn the protests against police violence and systemic racism as a whole.

What has been a minor storyline among left-wing audiences has been dramatically overemphasized by right-wing media because these protests provided plenty of visceral content for online content creators.

This isn’t the first time in recent years that America has seen such protests followed by a spike in violence.

So many of the tech listees are—in the midst of this grim year, marred by pandemic, protest, and pain—connecting people.

Biran said she decided to return to Belarus and participate in the anti-government protests after police arrested and beat several of her friends.

While Tikhanovskaya has obviously had a galvanising effect, the protests were not initiated by her but rather represent an outpouring of anger against the regime.

Today, many credit the protests with sparking the LGBTQ rights movement.