Protesting [verb]

Definition of Protesting:

complain, disapprove; argue against

Opposite/Antonyms of Protesting:

Sentence/Example of Protesting:

Napoleon was silent a moment, as if protesting against this invasion of his privacy.

His protesting team in control again, he trudged heavily behind.

We had a quarrel on the subject; I protesting against all such work.

And in with the angry tones were the protesting ones of the District Nurse.

She led him off protesting and blew me back a kiss from the door.

The protesting train must be passed on without further delay.

And Henry, protesting that he did not wish to go, had gone to London.

As mentally she recounted her benefits, the strength there was in her arose, protesting.

She blushed slightly, protesting that she had no such idea in her head.

But Albine, with grief at her throat, shot out a protesting glance.