Protocol [noun]

Definition of Protocol:

rules of conduct, behavior in certain situation

Synonyms of Protocol:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protocol:

Sentence/Example of Protocol:

Then I prepared the protocol of the confession of Pouzikoff's wife.

There has been a question of such a Protocol, but great difficulties have arisen.

The protocol was converted into a treaty by the adhesion of Belgium on November 15.

Dropped that of the other's as soon as protocol would permit.

If the protocol was to be of any use the time for acting upon it had arrived.

It was embodied in a protocol, and was presented to the Porte.

In faith of which the said Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Protocol.

The protocol (minutes) of the previous conferences is handed to Talleyrand.

Protocol's man had special orders, and would not abate a jot.

A protocol is to be kept of all the discussions and the voting.