Protozoans [noun]

Definition of Protozoans:

minute organism

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Sentence/Example of Protozoans:

Inside this snail's gut there is a protozoan that lives off the snail's ingested food.

A species of Vorticella was probably the first Protozoan that was ever observed.

Protozoan parasites in relation to the host and to host ecology.

Description of the protozoan parasites recognized in this study.

The Protozoan swims by the vibration of these cilia in the water.

Another group of protozoan parasites are called trypanosomes.

Although the alg are useful guests, when they become too numerous the protozoan devours them.

Among the well-known human diseases of protozoan origin are malaria, amoebic dysentery, and sleeping-sickness.

The cause of the disease is believed to be a protozoan parasite belonging to the group Myxosporidia.

This was the first infectious disease shown to be due to a protozoan.