Protrude [verb]

Definition of Protrude:

stick out

Synonyms of Protrude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protrude:

Sentence/Example of Protrude:

She had no flesh left; her bones seemed to protrude through the skin.

The ribs had been cut across, and some portion of the heart or lung seemed to protrude.

He could protrude a feline set of claws from his velvet glove.

Anak's tongue began to protrude from his mouth and his eyes swelled.

Hernia—Rupture which permits a part of the bowels to protrude.

His nose is not flat, and his heels do not protrude unnecessarily.

They are allowed to protrude from its mouth until they decay and drop off.

His straggling locks, usually long, protrude from an aperture in his hat.

Inspector Aylesbury's eyes seemed to protrude extraordinarily.

Yet they need not protrude beyond the surface; but why hide them?