Protruding [verb]

Definition of Protruding:

stick out

Synonyms of Protruding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Protruding:

Sentence/Example of Protruding:

The top, protruding in front of me, made a complete screen for my head and body.

Dense foliage, with here and there a protruding crag, overhangs the cliffs.

Her hand came to a pause over the protruding butt of a revolver.

Beneath the rim, but protruding so as to be easily seen, was a note.

He had seen on the floor, protruding past the other corner, a pair of turned-up feet.

The guide looked upon the outlaw with glazed, protruding eyes.

The soles of the old pair were intact, but the stubby toes were protruding.

He bent his knees and curved his spine, protruding his head towards me.

The lantern fell from his fingers and jingled to pieces on a protruding rock.

She then saw that his intestines were protruding from a wound, and that he was holding them in.