Protrusion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Protrusion:

The surgeon will reduce the protrusion under ether, or operate.

His hands roamed over it, feeling every protrusion or irregularity.

No sign, however, save the protrusion of the tongue, is positive.

The polype is remarkable for the protrusion and contractile power of its lips.

This first protrusion of that fact caused a painful confusion in his mind.

Varieties differ in protrusion of pistil beyond the stamen column.

Presently she was aware of a protrusion from the window beneath hers.

Exophthalmia in animals born of parents in which an injury to the restiform body had produced that protrusion of the eyeball.

The humidity, however, was in some ways only a secondary result of the protrusion of high mountain ranges.

Frequently the swelling is so great as to be visible as a protrusion or bulging of the affected region.