Provable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Provable:

For the matter of that, none of them had any provable claim upon beauty.

It does not mean that any Church could have disciplined them for provable sins.

And more, it is a provable fact that only a portion of the coal measures is left.

The other judgment illustrates the logic of correct, provable premises.

The point, in fact, which I wish now to notice is rather a matter of common observation than a provable and measurable phenomenon.

The statement was made without spirit, as one of simple, provable fact.

Only such debts are provable as existed at the time of filing the petition.

For years I have used my nose to smell with, Have I then really a provable right to it?

But a judgment for tort, obtained before the filing of the petition, is provable.

Claims for tort are not provable, that is, claims for injuries to person or property not arising out of contact.