Provenance [noun]

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Day after day I wondered about its provenance, but your letter dispels the mystery.

When there is any doubt the history and provenance of the work should be carefully studied.

There can be no legitimate criticism of a service on the ground of its provenance.

If the forms of a work are significant its provenance is irrelevant.

The Garuḍa may itself be of Persian provenance, for birds play a considerable part in Persian mythology.

As well make a point of recalling the provenance of any little thing that had happened in this his present life.

The legendary matter, too, has but few traces of Jewish provenance, and is clearly not due to Jewish redaction.

This disguises the provenance of the books, and by consequence obscures the history of their contents.

Mr. Murray Rose, in the article cited, does not indicate the provenance of the documents which he publishes.

Gauguin too served as a provenance for the later colour vision of Matisse.