Provided [verb]

Definition of Provided:

supply, support

Synonyms of Provided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provided:

Sentence/Example of Provided:

The pails were provided, and Robert started on his expedition.

As it will be so privately performed, clothes and equipage may be provided for afterwards.

There were things that had to be said; it did not much matter who said them provided they were said plainly.

As to your question, Why your elder sister may not be first provided for?

Nature has provided for this by evolving the instinct of docility.

Arise, I pray you, and let us ask a blessing on that which is provided for us.

On this occasion he had provided himself with a large bundle of darts, but—wise man!

Anyway it is a comfort to know that you have provided against the wolf.

The first is: See that for your camping trip is provided a man cook.

Now I was provided with the book, I could not read for want of spectacles.