Provident [adjective]

Definition of Provident:

careful, frugal

Synonyms of Provident:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provident:

Sentence/Example of Provident:

Mr. Weston had not been a rich man, nor had he been a far-seeing, provident man.

Some of the provident produced bottles of oil of pennyroyal.

The squirrel is provident, but no more so than he is fastidious in the choice of his food.

It is well to be provident and I'd paid for my meal in more than money.

However, we are not a provident race, and we are not likely to become one.

There was in this youth a noiseless sagacity that seemed ever provident for Harold.

One of the prelates said, That even his provident will is not to be resisted.

The perils of the past two years had made him cool and provident.

If so, it will be harder for him to be provident, business-like.

I venture to call them provident, temperate, and industrious.