Providently [adverb]

Definition of Providently:

cautiously; painstakingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Providently:

Sentence/Example of Providently:

The Doctor had providently brought a flask of brandy in his pocket.

I drew a panorama of the northern mountains, while Rehim Ali munched a piece of bread which he had providently brought with him.

So she told her scheme to Vidúshaka, and providently gave him her ring, and then disappeared at the close of the night.

There they remained till the 10th, and must have famished, had they not providently found some salt fish upon the island.

He can barely mean, that a condition of drowsihead is other than providently warned by laughter of friends.

She discovered herself feeling as the burdened mother, not providently for her girl, in the choice of a mate.

A third stoker was providently enraged at the scene, and assailed the second stoker.

"A growing girl needs lots of sleep," Ray providently remarked.

The coachman had providently put his dinner in the form of a sausage, rolled in brown paper, under his seat.

He that doth the ravens feed, / Yea, providently caters for the sparrow, / Be comfort to my age.