Provincial [adjective]

Definition of Provincial:

countrified; limited

Synonyms of Provincial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provincial:

Sentence/Example of Provincial:

The provincial captains are drumming up for soldiers, in every newspaper.

The provincial Congress, which had adjourned, immediately re-assembled.

Before the furor of 1876, how many scores of provincial English had?

A man such as this was never intended to succeed in a provincial town.

They sat at all the meetings of National and Provincial and Regional committees.

On that he flung away, before the jeers of the provincial deputies.

I won't be ruled by your miserable middle-class, provincial standard.

I can see her face now, when she flashed across my sight at a provincial circus.

Life seems great because it is cosmopolitan and not provincial or local.

Do you mean to tell me, Dick, that there's a girl like that on your provincial boards?'