Provisional [adjective]

Definition of Provisional:

contingent, tentative

Synonyms of Provisional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provisional:

Sentence/Example of Provisional:

Moreover, we all knew that the present was only a provisional arrangement.

The retreat was effected; but it was only a provisional retreat.

Not one of the gentlemen of the Provisional Commission put in an appearance.

When she hears that you're Provisional Governor of this planet, she'll even believe it.

The reading of the name as Ramman (or Rammanu) is provisional.

It had been a provisional arrangement, but he had preferred not to change it.

On the 30th of November, of that year, the provisional articles of peace were signed.

That the following be a provisional Committee in the interim, with power to add to their number.

From the barricades the provisional government was proclaimed.

It is accompanied by a provisional and ever-revocable belief.