Provisionally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Provisionally:

This route had therefore, provisionally at least, to be rejected.

"They are only provisionally transferred, you know," said the Governor.

He was one of the “provisionally exiled;” he had died in Rome.

How the matter was provisionally treated is related in Malipiero, Ann.

I ask only provisionally, as I have not yet had time to reflect on the subject.

I have called it provisionally Chironomus oceanicus, or Ocean gnat.

In Indiana the school was first only provisionally located by the statute.

Provisionally, they had been placed by the keen-eyed coach on the 'Varsity team.

He then provisionally appointed Aristides to the coveted office.

This was not the least true, but Agatha answered, either absently or provisionally, "No."