Proviso [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proviso:

I granted you permission to come, but I made it a proviso that there should be no conversation.

There was also a proviso that the infants should be taught 'suitably to their age.'

The "Wilmot proviso" was for some years the watchword of the anti-extensionists.

It should, however, be accompanied by the proviso that no more than 10 per cent.

He granted the request, but with the proviso that she should never return.

A ship with one anchor down and a shore-fast is moored a proviso.

In its fifth proviso, the old man mentioned his nephew George.

He can be restored to his heritage and rank, on one proviso,—a guarantee for his loyalty.

In a catalogue of 1681, however, there is a proviso that at least twenty gentlemen must attend.

He made the proviso, however, that Randy's gun should be taken along.