Provisos [noun]

Definition of Provisos:

stipulation, condition of agreement

Synonyms of Provisos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provisos:


Sentence/Example of Provisos:

Did the duke make any of these provisos when he gave you your regiment?

Unfortunately, these provisos are very far from being fulfilled.

What touches the Art may require certain cautions and provisos.

There were, however, two provisos made, or as such we understood them.

If all these allowances and provisos are too many for him to make, it is probably useless for him to attempt the Noctes at all.

I make three provisos only, none of which affect the force of my argument for immediate practical purposes.

Provisos and warnings may be taken as having been made sufficiently: and we pass to the actual survey.

But none of these restrictions or provisos is requisite, or could for a moment be thought of, in reference to Charles Lamb.

These provisos admitted, in other things I may prove a tractable and complying husband.

The brutality of these two provisos brands its authors as barbarians.