Provokes [verb]

Definition of Provokes:

make angry

Synonyms of Provokes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provokes:

Sentence/Example of Provokes:

She provokes me sometimes, but I have a good deal of fun with her on the whole.

Such advocacy as his only provokes attack, and invites persecution.

He is a medium to her, she provokes from him her own answer.

It provokes a vague sensibility, and makes no appeal to the imagination.

That provokes Halstead to do and say what he otherwise wouldn't.

Comic pertains to revelry; to what provokes mirth; as a comic song.

Sometimes it provokes it; always it spreads it, sustains and strengthens it.

What provokes me most is the unhappy extent to which distinctions of rank are carried.

No one is more certain to come to grief than "he who provokes with words."

She receives, she provokes her confidence with the touching gravity of a counsellor.