Prowess [noun]

Definition of Prowess:

ability, skill

Synonyms of Prowess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prowess:

Sentence/Example of Prowess:

But speedily now shall I prove him the prowess and pride of the Geats, shall bid him battle.

He leered at her as though expecting her to flame at his prowess.

So that at this date they regarded their prowess as invincible.

The prowess of women has often been conspicuous in besieged cities.

I will tell you of my prowess and exploits, and what I can perform.

But I kept my eye on Alexander, whom, despite his prowess, I could see to be wounded hard.

In the earlier histories, the leaders were chosen for their prowess in arms.

No other ethical idea has such predominance as that of prowess.

Strange as was the animal to all three, there was no mistaking his prowess.

He is admired on account of his prowess and forgiven on account of his beneficence.