Prowl [verb]

Definition of Prowl:

move stealthily

Synonyms of Prowl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prowl:

Sentence/Example of Prowl:

Now to find a lodgment for the night, and then to prowl round for a house.

Sebright, bent double, circled slowly on a prowl of minute inspection.

They continued to prowl round the tent, hunger-mad and desperate.

"Let's prowl around and see what other Hallowe'eners are doing," proposed Dick.

When we returned from that prowl into the forest, we found the inn dark.

When the prowl car boys got to the scene, there was no sign of anybody in the car.

"That's the prowl car," he announced, and went over to meet it.

In the evening I used to prowl about, hunting for diversion.

So the cubs first prowl around the stag, and try to seize it anywhere.

"I should like to go and have a prowl around," Berrington said, after a pause.