Prowler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prowler:

Every prowler in the dark is, consciously or unconsciously, a mystic.

They knew that some hungry night prowler would then take care of it for them.

A thump, followed by a muttered curse, betrayed the identity of the prowler.

The prowler had stubbed his stockinged toe against a chair leg.

If there was one prowler around there might be a dozen or a score.

For Unk Wunk has a weapon that no prowler of the woods ever calculates upon.

That night a child was born to Julia, on a pallet of dried grass and prowler skins.

He carried the pups back past the prowler and looked down at it in passing.

The savage cry of a prowler came, like a sound to match, and the attack was on.

"We made it to the drive room—two of us and one prowler," Charley answered.