Prowls [verb]

Definition of Prowls:

move stealthily

Synonyms of Prowls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prowls:

Sentence/Example of Prowls:

With renewed strength it flings away the husk and prowls on to seek other prey.

Abydos was also the centre of the worship of Anubis, an animal-deity of the dead, the jackal who prowls round the tombs at night.

It prowls about over the moss of the mountains, feeding on berries and fish.

But remember that you must be as silent as the wolf is at night, when he prowls around the pens.

The wolf would like the shepherd to sleep while he prowls round the fold.

That from an evil spirit who on these evenings prowls abroad.

Is the owl, which prowls about only at night, not a type of the cat?

I saw him go by like a cat that prowls when night falls and it grows dark.

The servants, we find, are alive to the fact that some one prowls about at night.

Floating Tom is some such king of this region, as the wolf that prowls through the woods is king of the forest.