Proximal [adjective]

Definition of Proximal:

close by physically

Opposite/Antonyms of Proximal:

Sentence/Example of Proximal:

Proximal: that part of an appendage nearest the body: see distal.

From the dentated edges arise numerous verticillate branches, the proximal ends of which are thickly ramified.

Form of the pores irregular, roundish, bars between them in the distal part smaller, in the proximal part larger than the pores.

Spines in the proximal half compressed, broad lanceolate, four to six times as broad as in the thin cylindrical distal half.

The lower or proximal apophyses are thick, simple, all slightly curved; they are equidistant from the former and from the centre.

Arms about three times as long as broad, twice as broad in the distal half as in the proximal half, with rounded blunt ends.

The three bones of the proximal row are the ulnare, radiale and centrale.

The bones of the proximal row are the radiale, the ulnare, and the pisiform.

They are arranged in a proximal row of two and a distal row of four.

The two bones of the proximal row are the astragalus and calcaneum.