Prude [noun]

Definition of Prude:


Synonyms of Prude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prude:


Sentence/Example of Prude:

Angioletto could not decide whether to think him rogue or prude.

"For Heaven's sake, don't be a prude, Moya," Joyce snapped irritably.

And apparently the girl was far from being a prude or a snob.

Oh, I dare say they'd make a good team,—one's a prude and the other a prig.

So much that people thought her cold, some even pronouncing her a prude.

For, like most men who are rather animal, he was intellectually a prude.

My dear Ned, I'm no prude, but there's always some devilment in the blood in these cases.

Whatever might be said of the latter, it was clear that she was no prude.

It would have been the proper way at first, with such a prude as she!

Education had not made a prude of her nor tainted her clean purity.