Prudence [noun]

Definition of Prudence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prudence:

Sentence/Example of Prudence:

You say, both honour and prudence forbid you to shew it to me.

Should it be ever so unhappily, will it be prudence to complain or appeal?

But what is person, Clary, with one of your prudence, and your heart disengaged?

The fiend prevailed; and Prudence vanished into the outer darkness.

This is a sort of economy having all the appearances and some of the advantages of prudence.

Now that you are upon your guard, your own prudence will defend you sufficiently.

Belinda's prudence seemed to increase with the necessity for its exertion.

You have given me no reason to think better of your prudence, than of my own.

It was not often that, as in the above instance, my mother's prudence got the better of her charity.

All his prudence, all his doubts were outflanked by the popular outburst.