Prudential [adjective]

Definition of Prudential:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prudential:

Sentence/Example of Prudential:

Impatient to glance behind, she only refrained for prudential reasons.

These were prudential reasons, which he dilated on for some time.

Yet this was from no prudential resolve or temperate resolution.

From a prudential penitence he had arrived at a genuine one.

So that to other motives of love he might add the prudential one of interest.

Would he defend the prudential committee, or would he declare for the teacher?

H-had her dismissed by the prudential committee had her dismissed—didn't you?

But none of these prudential thoughts seemed to occur to young Randolph.

There is a strong feeling in favour of cowardly and prudential proverbs.

He felt that this prudential course justified in a measure her anxiety.