Prudish [adjective]

Definition of Prudish:

shy and strict in behavior

Opposite/Antonyms of Prudish:

Sentence/Example of Prudish:

Pat Valdo is dressed as a prudish old lady with an enormous bustle.

Some people thought her old fashioned, strait-laced, prudish.

His strength and his youth called to hers, expecting no prudish response.

It is bashful, for nature is ever so; but it is not prudish, for only corruption is prudish.

I'm in earnest; I don't want any prudish weights on this conversation.

Only dont be too much shocked by my frankness; dont be prudish.

There was nothing masculine about her, nothing emancipated, nor was she in the least prudish.

She is too sentimental, too prudish with her vow and its sophistical evasion.

She fell under the tyranny of the risqu, which is as fell as the tyranny of the prudish.

They were essentials of propriety then—natural, and never viewed as prudish.