Prune [verb]

Definition of Prune:

trim; cut short

Synonyms of Prune:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prune:

Sentence/Example of Prune:

I might fertilize him, I might prune him, and I might use insecticide on him.

The one great work that a vinedresser has to do for the branch every year is to prune it.

Then, how I would toil, toil, prune and expand his feeble ideas!

He meant at least to prune the orchard and maybe set out dwarfs.

Nourish your idea plants that have been starved; prune your word plants.

Considered from every standpoint, March and April are quite the best months in which to prune.

Mulberry-colour, much like that we call plum-colour or prune.

Prune off all dead wood, and all the little twigs on the main limbs.

He must put his legs up on the sofa; and he must have a glass of prune brandy too.

To cut or prune gooseberry and currant-trees is very simple.