Pruning [verb]

Definition of Pruning:

trim; cut short

Synonyms of Pruning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pruning:

Sentence/Example of Pruning:

He calls to Dering, the gardener, who is on a ladder, pruning.

The method of pruning is exactly the same as in the method just described.

There is much less perplexity in pruning the grape than in pruning tree-fruits.

For an example, a problem in pruning is here stated and solved.

The first, in common parlance, is pruning for wood; the second, pruning for fruit.

Pruning, the second winter the vine is out, depends on the vigor of the plant.

Figure 29 shows the vine after pruning for a vase-formed head.

The unit of pruning is a fruit cane of 21/2 to 31/2 feet with its renewal spur.

Advantage must be taken of this in the pruning system adopted in the East.

Understand what is meant by pruning, grafting, and manuring.