Prurient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prurient:

The Aino's imagination is as prurient as that of any Zola, and far more outspoken.

"To h–––– with their prurient laws," said Lopez, rising suddenly from his chair.

Those who peruse the book only from prurient curiosity will be disappointed.

So far as my words go, there is not a syllable to shock any but a prurient modesty.

It was a prurient French romance, and a cynical laugh came from his lips.

It is a prurient mind that only sees evil in a situation of the sort.

And this in the interest of health and longevity, not in the interest of a prurient and effeminate "art."

Out with your scissors, censor, and clip off the prurient paragraph!

His own virility and lust of life are there, too, without one prurient page in all his thousands.

Full of the profoundest interest, yet not one improbable incident—not one prurient idea.