Prying [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prying:

The sides of the wound gaped, and the blade was visible to my prying eyes.

Only, just think what it amounts to—prying into the affairs of a stranger.

Or because I was dangerous, prying into their smuggling activities.

Is there a single spot which the eye, by any peering or prying, can fathom or exhaust?

He had intended to be considerate and had achieved only the appearance of prying.

He was often aware that she was standing behind his shoulder, prying into the pans.

Roma built herself an ambush from prying eyes in one corner of the apartment.

Whatever I might do, I should not be guilty of prying into matters that my husband kept hidden.

He shrank from it almost; it gave him the feeling of prying, of peeping through a keyhole.

Would it be prying on my part to inquire what may be your interest in my papers?