Psalms [noun]

Definition of Psalms:

song of praise

Synonyms of Psalms:

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Sentence/Example of Psalms:

"Le Dieu, le Fort, l'ternel parlera," was the first line of a favorite Huguenot psalm.

At times he thought to aggravate his victim's sufferings by singing snatches of favorite psalms from the Huguenot psalm-book.

But his fervor was all stage fire, and he would turn in an instant from a denunciatory Psalm to a humorous story.

His cries ceased; her thoughts went off into a dreamy psalm of thanksgiving as his soft mouth pulled at her breast.

According to this gentleman the Boers were a psalm-singing but hypocritical nation addicted to slave-driving.

Let the stern Psalm of the Puritans still further answer from the manly bosom of the Bible.

She was condemned to death, and died impenitent, refusing to listen to psalm-singing or prayers.

Even more gently, like a lullaby to the turbulent night, the full-measured cadence of the majestic psalm was again heard.

This motion of the sun inspires the simile employed by the Psalmist in the astronomical psalm, the nineteenth.

And is not the whole Psalm a striking description of his unparalleled sufferings, of his unprecedented degradation and humility?