Psyche [noun]

Definition of Psyche:

innermost self; personality

Synonyms of Psyche:

Opposite/Antonyms of Psyche:

Sentence/Example of Psyche:

Of course this isn't all mine; it includes ma's and Psyche's.

The Bineses, with the exception of Psyche, were at breakfast a week later.

"And you know we shall be in mourning," said Psyche to her brother.

"And of course we must go to the Episcopal church there," said Psyche.

Psyche wondered what new misfortune could be in store for her.

Not for myself, but for a sculptor I know who's on the look-out for a Psyche.

This Psyche is emerging from her garments and she holds in her hand a lamp.

So had Psyche been, and the fatal lamp should have told her so.

In Cupid and Psyche, it had been Psyche who had wanted to know, to see.

And, as Psyche was, they were always sorry for it afterwards.