Psychic [adjective]

Definition of Psychic:

extrasensory in perception

Opposite/Antonyms of Psychic:




Sentence/Example of Psychic:

Let me say at once that I am not taking up the question of the psychic, or entering into it at all.

Does it not throw some doubts upon your own psychic fitness for mating at all?

Both gipsy and psychic expert had failed in their prophecies.

In other words, there must be a psychic interest preceding the sex act.

The greater the fear of failure, the more the psychic impotence increases.

The ladder of psychic development is long and arduous to mount.

The study of psychic faculties is above all a study of consciousness.

A momentary, psychic fusing of an ancient, long since broken link.

It's the triumph of a whole new approach to psychic rehabilitation.

If there be psychic phenomena, there must be fraudulent psychic phenomena.