Psychics [noun]

Definition of Psychics:

means, mode

Synonyms of Psychics:

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Sentence/Example of Psychics:

But still it is to the psychics of sex, for the most part, that we are limited.

Remember that we who are here gathered are sensitives and psychics.

The prophets, seers, and wonder-workers belong to this class of "psychics."

You are interested in psychics, magic--all curious and hidden lore.

All right for the psychics, but that's what she reminded me of.

All drunkards and drug fiends are psychics; degenerates are also psychics.

It is the worst possible account of this age of psychics and spirit-healers and fakirs and fashionable fortune-tellers.

In a few instances mediums and psychics have been able to assist; in others their presence only seemed to make matters worse.

There's this gang of Psychics or Spiritualists or whatever they are, up the line here, you see?

All psychics who come within the radius of his powerful, spiritual aura, sense or see this strong symmetrical body.