Psychological [adjective]

Definition of Psychological:

concerning the mind

Synonyms of Psychological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Psychological:

Sentence/Example of Psychological:

This is the psychological moment to set your friends to work.

In the cant of modern metaphysics, the moment was psychological.

Then he put me through a series of psychological test queries.

It is in this psychological domain more than in any other, that she will always triumph.

He saw his way to a lovely little bit of psychological realism.

"Only not a physiological, but possibly a psychological one," remarked Arnfinn.

At this, the psychological moment, the order to open fire was given.

How it can have satisfied an Italian statesman is a psychological riddle.

Our inheritance from the pioneer is not only material but psychological.

That was impossible for psychological reasons, which I need not state here.