Psychologies [noun]

Definition of Psychologies:

study of the mind; emotional and mental constitution

Synonyms of Psychologies:

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Sentence/Example of Psychologies:

Such an assumption is based on false conception of the psychology of suggestion.

It's such a pity, when you've everything except the psychology.

But Psychology has also some other supports, specious rather than real.

This is a true fact of psychology, which is recognized by Plato in this passage.

The psychology of criminals had been an interesting study to this official.

And as a document bearing on the psychology of sex "Change Partners!"

The 'prison scenes' are an integral part in Boswell's psychology.

His was not the nature to search the psychology of a beautiful girl.

At that time most of the work in education was given in the departments of philosophy or psychology.

Here the problems of geology run hand in hand with the problems of psychology.