Psychopathic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Psychopathic:

Such an Act is not a legislative phenomenon but a psychopathic one.

While deceiving others, these psychopathic women also deceive themselves.

Sometimes I get to feeling that they will end up as—as psychopathic barbarians.

But the problem at hand was the fulfillment of all his psychopathic urges.

He's been bringing all his psychopathic patter to bear on me, and you're deserting me.

I don't know whether they'll say so, the psychopathic experts they've let loose on him.

And just as I was thinking that I had nicely cured you of this morbid predilection for psychopathic institutions!

He has gone off on a pleasure trip to that psychopathic institution whose head alienist visited us a month or so ago.

She would clap him into the Psychopathic before he had time for even half as much blank verse as Hamlet had.

It has the sound of all too familiar motor trouble, but was dismissed as psychopathic.