Psychotic [adjective]

Definition of Psychotic:

mentally deranged

Synonyms of Psychotic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Psychotic:

Sentence/Example of Psychotic:

He merely mentioned that Andray Dunnan was psychotic and let it go at that.

Yet they were not psychotic and hardly more than mildly neurotic.

And then again, a psychotic or a professional gunsel may not register at all.

If you are psychotic, your behavior may hurt others or yourself.

The eyes opened as a hand shook the psychotic Mersey by the shoulder.

You understand, there is usually a mixture of psychotic conditions, in cases like this.

More used to the strange demands of neurotic and psychotic patients, they were readier to comply.

In his mind the need to escape became an obsession on top of the other psychotic states normal to a Moon-colonist.

What often happens is that these psychotic affects appear but incompletely, often in dissociated manifestations.

Inevitably with such an ambitious scheme as the pigeon-holing of all psychotic phenomena some mistakes were made.