Pub [noun]

Definition of Pub:

business where liquor and food are served

Synonyms of Pub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pub:


Sentence/Example of Pub:

There was a pub down the street, within fifty yards of the gate.

Turn to the right, run three hundred yards, and there's a pub on the left.

Darlin': Yer must set me up in a pub in Bristol—with brass beer-pulls.

And, although none of us had any inclination to go into her father's pub.

I did ear some talk about it in a pub one night, Chipmunk admitted.

But our skipper was wearing all he wore when he left the pub.

And Dawn gave inimitable mimicry of Miss Jimmeny of the pub.

And there was a feller came to town, was stayin' there at Jimmeny's pub.

Wot can you expect when the watchman is sitting in a pub all the evening?'

“I say you might take a pub—and drink yourself to death,” was added aside.